Make sure to install the VirtIO Drivers in order for you Windows VPS to install the correct Ethernet interface.


  • -Go to the VPS control panel at:
  • -Login with your Panel Credentials.
  • -Select your VPS by clicking on Manage.
  • -On the Drivers tab make sure to Select Windows Virtio Drivers and click on Mount.
  • -Once mounted, your Windows VPS should recognize the new drive. If not, reboot it.
  • -Now, back on your Windows VPS, go to the Control Panel->System and Security->System and click on Device Manager on the left side menu.
  • -On the device Manager look for the Ethernet Adapter, click on it and Select Update Driver Software.
  • -When asked How do you want to search for driver software? Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  • -Point it to the location where the drive was mounted from the VPS manager and make sure to leave “Include subfolders” checked.
  • -Select the drive and once ~RED Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter~ is presented, select it and let it install.


That’s it, you should now have a working Ethernet adapter on Device Manager, connected to the internet. If it does not get the network values from the DHCP server. Make sure to input your assigned values manually.


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