My order was marked as fraud? What should I do?

If we are not able to validate your order. Sometimes we just need a little more information to confirm the missing pieces of data. We need to make sure our cloud compute infrastructure, data, network resources and customer’s services are safely guarded along with our required compliance with local and federal regulations.

First and foremost, every customer must be properly identified. We do not allow service orders with false customer information, including names, addresses, company data, phone numbers or disposable email addresses. The information you provide as a customer must be accurate and we should be able verify such information before approving a service order.

For us to continue the review and validation of your order we need you to provide the following information, including the steps required to submit a new service order, as follows:

  1. Tell us a clear description of your intended use case and the time period you will be utilizing our services for.
  2. A new order should be placed using your company’s email address as point of contact. Additionally, the company’s domain name must have visible public WHOIS registration records with no privacy or masqueraded contact information. Free email addresses or so called secured and privacy-oriented encrypted email accounts will not be accepted.
  3. No proxies or VPNs should be used or detected. Any IP masquerading technique will invalidate the order.
  4. Payment must be submitted with a verified PayPal Account or Credit Card with billing information that matches your VelociHOST account contact information and email address or company domain name.
  5. Your confirmation of our no-refund policy and that you have read and accepted our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy is required. These documents can be seen on our website at
  6. Email address and registered phone number must be confirmed with the confirmation link and verification code that are sent out to both the registered email and phone number with your VelociHOST account.

We appreciate your cooperation with this matter and look forward to working with you on getting this order fully validated.

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