[Action Required] Our Latest Network Upgrade

Dear Customers, We are happy to announce our latest network upgrade in our Miami,FL facility. We've substantially increased capacity and redundancy, providing customers an even more reliable and robust Virtual Private Servers service. We’ve deployed an all-new, TIER-1 optical-fiber network to provide you with an unparalleled level of global ...

New Linux templates added

Dear Customers,We are pleased to announce our latest template additions:-Ubuntu Server 13.04 Minimal on x86 and 64bits architectures.-Debian 7.0.0 Minimal on x86 and 64bits architectures.You can deploy your new VPS or upgrade your actual server with the latest distributions with VelociHOST High Performance VPS.Thank you,VelociHOST

More CPU Power to all Plans

More power for the same low price. We've added more CPU Cores to all our KVM VPS packages. Grab yours now.